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January 19th, 2009

News Release

Advanced Telemedical Telehealth Certification Training and Telemedical Network Installation

Worldwide, High Level, On-Site Telemedical Telehealth Training and/or Telemedical System Installation Is Now Available To Physicians, Nurses, Administrators, IT Specialist and Operations Managers
(Worldwide = We Can Travel To You)

Availability Dates

Call or email to discuss telemedical training or telemedical systems installation for dates available between June 1st, 2009 and December 15th, 2009
  • Individual telemedical telehealth training (includes on-site training and the manual) -- Available after June 1st, 2009
  • Group telemedical telehealth training (includes on-site training and the manual for each participant) -- Available after June 1st, 2009
  • Individual telemedical telehealth skills and knowlege course booklets -- Available after June 1st, 2009
  • The complete telemedical telehealth skill and knowlege manual (contains all booklets) -- Available after June 1st, 2009
Note: On-site training means, we travel to you and train you or your staff at your location (worldwide)

Note: The companies referenced within the technical documents, Telemd Health HDHP, 1stGMC, Global Media & Communication, and 1st Network Service Pros are wholly owned subsidiaries of Global Trade Route.Com, Inc.; and they support the telemedical telehealth projects, goals, and missions to completion.


On-site Training Through Telemed Health HDHP Is More Complete Than From Any Other Source

Even if you plan to start small, you will be part of a GLOBAL HEALTH CARE NETWORK. All medical data transferred and stored must meet DICOM and PACS standards and HL7 guidelines and and HIPAA LAWS.

Unfortunately, for lack of a better solution, telemedical networks are often set up by IT specialist and Network Techs.

Our founder Albert V. Sheppard, has developed a superior telemedical program to assist you trough training or implementation.

Starting with a Bachelor of Science degree in Bio-medical engineering, which included Telemedicine, Albert has extensive independent bio-medical and tele-medical research, additional advanced telemedical training at UC Davis Medical Center, and hands on experience. This provides our telemedical corporation with unique skill sets and a knowledge base in bio-medical instrumentation and diagnostic equipment science and equipment; while Albert's MBA training in Information Systems, Network Management, and Health Administration balances the required skills, to fully implement telemedical and telehealth programs in hospitals, medical centers and physicians' offices. See About Us.

Dozens of years of business experience qualifies us to assist you with your business plans and internal documentation, telemedical procedures, and legal requirements to make telemedicine a sustainable and profitable endeavor. To help your patients longterm, you must have a financially healthy program. We can assist you with locating available grants and building a sustainable telemedical program.

Click Here. Don't go it alone! We are able to assist you before you make costly, patient critical, or legal mistakes.

For additional information email us at contact@global-trade-route.com

and/or call Albert's cell phone:

(650) 922-4344

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